Quick Smoke : Black Ops Berserker

The Black Ops Berserker cigar offers a strange and intense smoking experience that may appeal to some but falls short for me.

Upon lighting, the Berserker commands attention with its dark and oily wrapper, . The initial draw delivers a strong punch of pepper and earthiness, However, as the cigar progresses, the intensity can become overwhelming for some smokers, overshadowing any subtleties in flavor.

While the boldness of the Berserker may be appealing to those who enjoy a powerful smoke, it lacks the complexity and balance found in other cigars. The flavor profile remains somewhat one-dimensional, with little evolution or nuance throughout the smoke.

On the plus side, the construction of the Berserker is solid, with an even burn and a smooth draw. This ensures a consistent smoking experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the cigar’s intensity without any major issues.

In summary, the Black Ops Berserker offers a bold smoking option for those seeking an intense experience. However, its lack of complexity and overwhelming strength may deter some smokers, earning it a mixed rating.

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