Quick smoke : Flor Fina 858 Candella

The Flor Fina Candela cigar offers a unique smoking experience with its distinctive pale green Candela wrapper but falls somewhat short of expectations with its overall performance. While it has its merits, it leaves room for improvement.

At first glance, the Candela wrapper is visually striking, signaling a departure from traditional cigar aesthetics. However, the initial impression fades as the smoking experience progresses. The flavor profile, while mild and pleasant, lacks complexity and depth. Notes of grass and hay dominate the palate, with subtle hints of sweetness adding some dimension.

Despite its mild flavor profile, the construction of the Flor Fina Candela is commendable. The cigar burns evenly and the draw is smooth, ensuring a consistent smoking experience throughout. However, these technical aspects alone are not enough to elevate the overall enjoyment of the cigar.

The Flor Fina Candela offers a mild smoking option with an interesting visual appeal, but falls short in terms of flavor complexity and depth. While it may appeal to those seeking a light and easy smoke, it may leave more discerning enthusiasts wanting more from their cigar experience.

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