UNWINDING THE CAO Arcana Mortal Coil

characterized by its filler tobacco, which is one or two andullo leaves. Compared to most tobacco used in high-end cigars, andullo tobacco is very distinct. Instead of being bulk fermented as is the case with premium cigars, andullo is rolled into long cylinders, wrapped firmly in the pods of palm trees, and hung like sausages. The leaves become compacted logs of concentrated, delicious tobacco after two years.

It’s no secret that I am not the biggest CAO fan and it never fails when I get recommended a cigar from CAO everyone expects a low review. well, here it is yet another CAO review let’s get into it.

Appearance (10/10):
one thing I can say about The Mortal Coil is it’s a visual delight, boasting a flawless Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is rich, dark, and appealing. The band is intricate and adds a touch of mystery to the overall aesthetic. The attention to detail earns it a perfect score in this category.

Construction (8/10):
The construction of the Mortal Coil is commendable, with a well-packed body and a seamlessly applied wrapper. While the overall build is solid, there were a few minor veins that, while not affecting the smoking experience, slightly detracted from perfection.

Burning (5/10):
Unfortunately, the burning aspect falls a bit short of expectations. The Mortal Coil tended to burn unevenly, requiring touch-ups to maintain a consistent burn line. This flaw detracted from the overall enjoyment and impacted the overall score in this category.

Ash (7/10):
The ash exhibited decent stability, holding on for a respectable amount of time. However, it lacked the compactness and resilience seen in top-tier cigars. A solid, though not outstanding, performance in this department.

Smoke (3/10):
One of the significant drawbacks of the Mortal Coil was its lackluster smoke production. I would say it was partly due to a huge Knott in the cigar that was difficult to work through every Coil I’ve smoked has had this same issue. Despite a well-lit and evenly burning cigar, the smoke output was surprisingly thin and somewhat disappointing. This aspect significantly impacted the overall sensory experience.

Flavor (8/10):
The Mortal Coil shines in the flavor department, delivering a complex and engaging profile. The blend of espresso, dark chocolate, cedar, and subtle spiciness creates a palate-pleasing journey. The flavors are well-balanced, with each component making a distinct contribution to the overall experience.

First Third (8/10):
The initial third of the Mortal Coil is a delightful introduction to its flavor palette. The dark chocolate and espresso notes dominate, providing a robust and satisfying start to the smoking experience.

Second Third (7/10):
As the journey progresses, the cigar undergoes subtle transitions, introducing cedar and leather undertones. While enjoyable, the second third lacks the punch and excitement of the first, leaving room for improvement.

Final Third (7/10):
In the final third, the Mortal Coil maintains its complexity but loses a bit of its initial charm. The flavors remain enjoyable, but a slight bitterness emerges, impacting the overall balance.

Value (9/10):
Despite some shortcomings, the Mortal Coil offers excellent value for its price(if you can find it). The intriguing flavor profile, coupled with solid construction and an attractive appearance, makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to get into the CAO line.

The CAO Arcana Mortal Coil is a commendable addition to the Arcana series, offering a rich and diverse flavor profile. While it falls short in some areas, its overall appeal and reasonable price point make it worthwhile i wouldn’t pay over sticker for one but if you can find one pick it up.


2 thoughts on “UNWINDING THE CAO Arcana Mortal Coil

  1. Jesse3r says:

    I agree with this review, except for the smoke. Bad luck there! Hadn’t ran into that problem with any of my mortal koils. Overall, great review!

    1. Chris says:

      ive seen others say the same thing aswell i am not sure why i keep running into this issue i might have to try another. thank you for the continued support!


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