Let’s “Validate” The Aganorsa Leaf Validacion

Aganorsa Leaf Validacion

“The cigars undergo a rigorous quality control process before they are finally released. They call it “validacion,” which is Spanish for validation or validating.”

It’s safe to say Aganorsa Leaf is Leader in the cigar industry. Being one of the few still using old-school Cuban techniques to produce some of the best sticks on the market today. I was Gifted this cigar to test and Review here are my thoughts and opinions.

The Aganorsa Leaf Validacion cigar is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the Aganorsa Leaf brand. With its masterful blend of carefully cultivated tobaccos and expert craftsmanship, this cigar offers a captivating and enjoyable journey for seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Aganorsa Leaf Validacion
Aganorsa Leaf Validacion


The Aganorsa Leaf Validacion cigar presents itself with a sophisticated and polished appearance. The Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper is flawlessly applied, showcasing its smooth texture and inviting sheen. though you do see some veins here and there The overall construction is commendable, as the cigar feels solid in the hand and has a sense of quality.

Construction and Draw:

Craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the Aganorsa Leaf Validacion. The construction is impeccable, with a perfectly rolled cigar that boasts a consistent and even density. this cigar has a real heft to it almost feels like you are holding two cigars. The cap is expertly applied, ensuring a clean cut for a smooth draw. Speaking of the draw, it is where I have to dock points on this stick, though not tight the draw on theAganorsa Leaf Validacion was a bit more than I wanted to give I keep my humidor at 62% so I won’t be too harsh on it but I longed for a draw tool. the smoke output was fair nothing out of the ordinary another symptom of the tight draw I believe

Flavor Profile:

The flavor profile of the Aganorsa Leaf Validacion is where it shines, a delightful symphony of complexity and richness. not as dark as other maduros on the market I was hesitant on trying this one as I prefer a deeper flavor profile but the Aganorsa Leaf Validacion did not disappoint Upon lighting, the palate is greeted with a harmonious blend of cedar, pepper, and earthy undertones. As the cigar progresses, a delightful mix of creamy cocoa, nutty sweetness, and subtle spice Hits you during the second and last third, adding depth and nuance to the overall profile. The flavors interact in a beautifully balanced dance, evolving and enticing throughout the smoke.

Aganorsa Leaf Validacion
Aganorsa Leaf Validacion

Burn and Ash:

The burn of the Aganorsa Leaf Validacion cigar was iffy during the first half it required little to no touch-ups, but towards the last half, I felt myself reaching for my single torch more and more. The ash on the other hand holds firmly, forming a solid and compact stack, I smoked about an inch and a half before I remembered to ash it and it held strong. The burn line remains sharp, reflecting the careful attention to detail in its production.

Aganorsa Leaf Validacion
Aganorsa Leaf Validacion

Overall Experience:

The Aganorsa Leaf Validacion cigar is a standout offering that delivers a memorable and satisfying smoking experience. From its flawless construction to its captivating flavor profile, this cigar showcases the best of what Aganorsa Leaf has to offer. It caters to both seasoned enthusiasts, who will appreciate its complexity, and newcomers, who will be enchanted by its approachable nature.

While the Aganorsa Leaf Valadation cigar may not achieve perfection, it certainly comes close, offering a remarkable journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression. For its exceptional craftsmanship, captivating flavors, and overall enjoyment, the Aganorsa Leaf Valadation cigar earns a well-deserved 8/10 rating. Highly recommended for those seeking a premium cigar experience that celebrates the art of tobacco blending and cigar making.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)

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