Drew Estate Freestyle: My thoughts after the hype

Who doesn’t Love free stuff? Drew estate came up with this generous idea, let’s let people taste our new blends and reward them with some cool swag on top of it. that was how the freestyle kits were created purchase of one of these got you 4 unbanded cigars (of a new undisclosed blend) a cigar rest a 4 finger case and a stand all for $40 What a steal.
but there’s more
Each Freestyle Live Event Pack also includes a Freestyle Live badge with a QR code, which allows purchasers to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win either The grand prize, luxury watch, valued at $10,500, $6,000 in airfare to anywhere in the world for two people the third-place prize of a longboard created by Subculture Studios, valued at $150 each.

did i win?
Will that affect this review?

Appearance: 2/10
The appearance of the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 Blend is undoubtedly its weakest point. I worried that beattles had gotten into the humidor when I saw such a big hole on the side of this thing. The wrapper lacks the expected smoothness and uniformity, with visible imperfections that detract from its overall presentation. While appearance isn’t the sole indicator of a cigar’s quality, this particular aspect leaves much to be desired.

Construction: 4/10
The construction of the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 is a bit of a mixed bag. While it shows potential, there are noticeable issues such as uneven packing and occasional soft spots. This can lead to burn irregularities and an inconsistent draw, impacting the overall smoking experience.

Draw: 9/10
One of the standout aspects of the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 is its draw. Despite its construction flaws, the draw is impressively smooth and effortless. This allows for a comfortable flow of flavorful smoke, enhancing the enjoyment of the cigar and compensating for some of its other shortcomings. That hole on the side worried me but it actually did not contribute to the draw at all.

Flavor Profile: 8/10
The flavor profile of the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 is where this cigar starts to redeem itself. Upon lighting, a mix of rich and robust flavors greets the palate. Notes of dark chocolate, earth, and a hint of pepper create a complex and engaging combination. As the smoke progresses, these flavors intertwine harmoniously, providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience. I won’t spoil the beans on what this blend will end up becoming in case anyone still hasn’t tried them but Google is your friend.

Burn and Ash: 8/10
The burn and ash performance of the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 is surprisingly commendable, given its construction issues. The burn is relatively even, requiring minimal touch-ups, which is a welcome surprise. The ash holds well, showcasing a solid and compact structure that adds to the cigar’s overall visual appeal. That hole comes into play here, as I was smoking I kept a watchful eye on it and right as the clock stuck 12 the burn line hit that crater and the whole thing came crashing down. I will not dock it for this but it was sad to see.

In conclusion, the Drew Estate Freestyle 2023 is a cigar with both strengths and weaknesses. Its appearance and construction leaves room for improvement, impacting the initial impression and overall smoking experience. However, the draw, flavor profile, burn, and ash characteristics demonstrate the potential that lies within this cigar. If the construction issues were addressed, this cigar could truly shine as a memorable smoke. i smoked it down to the nub and ill be buying the official release.


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