How to Lose Legacy: The Buffalo Trace Cigar

Buffalo Trace Cigar
Buffalo Trace Cigar

I have a very special place in my heart for buffalo trace. I have at least 20 bottles of buffalo trace on standby as it’s my daily drinker, I own all their line up Blanton’s eagle rare you name it I got it, so when I heard my favorite distillery had a cigar with their name attached I ran to pick it up. this was one of my first cigars close to two years ago but upon lighting it up and taking a few draws I knew something was off

“This doesn’t taste right” was going through my head as I struggled to pull smoke from the almost fully bound wrap

“maybe I don’t like cigars,” I told myself as I set the cigar down for the last time

well it has been a few years and I have smoked a few cigars and it turns out I do like cigars I like them a lot actually so that had me thinking

“was it as bad as I made it out to be”

let’s find out.

Buffalo Trace Cigar
Buffalo Trace Cigar


The visual presentation of the Buffalo Trace Cigar is laughable at best. The wrapper appears rough and poorly constructed, lacking the smoothness and sheen commonly associated with premium cigars. The overall appearance suggests a lack of attention to detail and quality.

Buffalo Trace Cigar
Buffalo Trace Cigar
Crown Cut
Crown Cut

Construction and Draw:

The construction of the Buffalo Trace Cigar is a significant letdown. various spots on the cigar have cigar glue globbed onto the wrapper leaf. the cap looks as if it was placed onto the cigar by a machine and considering who makes The cigar that is no surprise. The cigar is packed so tight that you can see it bowing closer to the foot and The draw is problematic overly tight, hindering the ability to enjoy the cigar fully.

Flavor Profile:

on the outside, the BT cigar comes wrapped in an Ecuadoran Sumatra leaf. on the inside Brazilian binder and Nicaraguan long-fillers creates an aroma of roasted coffee and leather The flavor profile on the other hand is disappointing. Because of the tight wrap, the initial draw fails to deliver any discernible flavors, and as the smoke progresses, the taste remains unremarkable and lackluster. The flavors, if any, are flat, one-dimensional, and devoid of complexity. sitting at a table of four everyone commented on how the smoke had an “earthy smell to it”

That’s an excellent way of saying it smelled like dirt

Buffalo Trace Cigar
Buffalo Trace Cigar

Burn and Ash:

The burn performance of the Buffalo Trace Cigar is inconsistent and problematic. The cigar almost evidently started to canoe and I had to touch it up every few minutes. The ash was to be flaky and oddly enough that when I ashed the cigar it had a grainy texture to the ash very hard to describe but it was noticeable in the ashtray. These burn and ash issues further detract from any potential enjoyment.

Overall Experience:

Regrettably, Buffalo Trace Cigar fails to deliver a satisfactory smoking experience in any aspect. From its poor construction and problematic draw to its lackluster flavor profile and troublesome burn, this cigar offers little to no redeeming qualities. It falls far short of the standards set by premium cigars and leaves a lasting impression of disappointment.

I love buffalo trace and I will continue to support their products it breaks my heart to write this being such a huge supporter of their whiskey but if you are looking at things objectively you can see the writing on the wall. this was a cash grab

“pair this cigar with the whiskey” is what all other online articles say to do but this cigar will lower the quality of both experiences

treat that glass of buffalo trace with respect, save your money, and buy a quality stick that will actually pair well with it

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (1/10)

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