A Families Legacy: The Perdomo Edicion de Silvio

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio SunGrown Salomon
Perdomo Edicion de Silvio SunGrown Salomon

Theres this indescribable moment in everyone’s life

the kid with the Lamborghini poster who dreams of racing one of his own

the bedroom musician posting demos online who dreams of one day being discovered

and for a cigar smoker like myself smoking an Edicion de Silvo was it

This second-to-none creation from Tabacalera Perdomo. The epitome of top-tier quality is perfected and maintained by just five of Perdomo’s highest-level rollers. Each Edicion de Silvio cigar is comprised of the finest Cuban-seed tobaccos grown throughout the family’s proprietary farms in Nicaragua. Lush, flavorful tobaccos spawned from the fertile, volcanic valleys and selected from the viso, seco, and ligero primings carefully evaluated and hand-selected – painstaking, one leaf at a time – then expertly fermented and aged further in 50-year-old oak casks to prime these tobaccos for limited production of the best Perdomo money can buy….let alone one of the best handmade in the industry. Precision blending of these rare leaves produces a rich and eventful bouquet that’s full in body, yet elegant, and hits the palate in smooth, velvety fashion.

This cigar is special to me let’s get into why.

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
Perdomo Edicion de Silvio


The Perdomo Edicion de Silvio presents itself with an incredible presence. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is smooth and oily and gave the cigar an inviting shine. The construction was top-notch, displaying a well-made cigar with a firm feel and no visible flaws.

Construction and Draw:

The construction of the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is commendable, exhibiting the highest level of craftsmanship. The cigar feels solid in the hand, showcasing its high-quality build. The draw is smooth and effortless, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. The attention to detail in the construction is evident from the foot of the cigar all the way to its Double Cap

Flavor Profile:

The flavor profile of the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio offers a satisfying and nuanced experience. Upon lighting, I was greeted with a burst of rich, earthy notes, complemented by hints of cedar and spice. As the cigar progresses, the flavors evolve, introducing subtle notes of coffee, cocoa, and a touch of sweetness. At the final Third that sweetness gets amped up in a wonderful cascade of flavor. this is one of the few cigars I have retro-haled and tasted to its full extent The balance and complexity of the flavors provide an engaging smoke from start to finish.

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
Perdomo Edicion de Silvio

Burn and Ash:

The burn of the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio is generally even and consistent, requiring minimal touch-ups throughout the smoking experience. The ash holds well, forming a solid and compact stack, showcasing the quality of the construction. The burn line remains sharp, indicating proper attention to detail during the production process.

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio
Perdomo Edicion de Silvio

Final Thoughts:

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio pays homage to Nick Perdomo’s late grandfather and mentor, Silvio Perdomo. Nick only allows the top five torcedors to touch the cigars that are worthy of bearing his grandfather’s name. these cigars are a labor of love and respect for the Perdomo history and you feel that when enjoying one it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Many people when talking about cigars tend to compare one brand’s top-of-the-line ultra-premium selection to another, I am guilty of this myself but this is incorrect this is not an “OpusX killer” or a “Cohiba Killer” but as far as I’m concerned it plays right up there with them

At the end of the day, someone who doesn’t own a luxury car will always say “Ferrari is better than Lamborghini” or “Lamborghini is miles ahead of Ferrari” but it takes driving those top-of-the-line cars to understand that both are created with the same idea to be the best sports car they have ever created

and it takes smoking the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio to realize this is the best cigar Perdomo has ever created.

This is their Magnum Opus.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10)

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