H. Upmann Barbier: Unlocking the Intricate Beauty

H. Upmann brand, first made his way to Cuba way back in 1843 with the intention of setting up an importing and exporting business, but he saw the potential in premium handmade cigars and decided to start his own cigar brand in 1844. Reflecting on his German heritage, these barber-pole treats are named Barbier, which is the German word for “barber.” lets see if the Barbier lives up to the hype

Construction (9/10):
The H. Upmann Barbier cigar boasts an impressive level of craftsmanship. The dual wrapper design, featuring alternating Ecuadorian Connecticut and Maduro leaves, is executed with precision. The seams are almost seamless, and the overall construction feels solid and well-made. The Barberpole is visually striking, with its two wrappers spiraling around each other. However, the cap could be a tad cleaner for a truly perfect score.

Appearance (9/10):
One word: stunning. The H. Upmann Barbier’s appearance is captivating. The dual wrappers create a mesmerizing contrast, with the light Connecticut leaf intertwining elegantly with the dark Maduro. The band, with its classic H. Upmann design, adds a touch of sophistication. This cigar is a real eye-catcher and promises a unique smoking experience.

Burning (7/10):
The burn of the H. Upmann Barbier is generally even and consistent. The dual wrappers may occasionally require minor touch-ups to maintain an even burn line. Nonetheless, the burn rate is well-paced, allowing for a leisurely smoke without any rush.

Ash (8/10):
The ash produced by the H. Upmann Barbier holds firm and compact, revealing the cigar’s quality construction. While it doesn’t maintain the longest ash in the world, it doesn’t flake excessively and is generally clean.

Smoke (8/10):
The cigar produces a satisfying amount of smoke with each draw. The smoke is creamy and aromatic, filling the air with a pleasant mix of earthy and spicy scents. It’s not overpowering but rather inviting, making the overall smoking experience enjoyable.

Flavor (7/10):
Here’s where the H. Upmann Barbier truly shines. The flavor profile is a complex dance of sweet and spicy notes. In the first third, you’ll encounter a creamy and slightly sweet cedar flavor, with hints of nuts and a touch of white pepper. As you progress to the second third, the spiciness intensifies, revealing notes of coffee and dark chocolate. The final third brings a crescendo of flavors, with the sweetness returning, complemented by earthy and leathery undertones. The transitions are smooth, making each puff a delightful surprise.

Value (6/10):
The H. Upmann Barbier is not the most budget-friendly cigar on the market, but it offers excellent value for those seeking a unique smoking experience. The craftsmanship, complexity of flavors, and overall enjoyment justify its price point. It’s a cigar for the aficionado who appreciates quality and variety.

First Third (7.5/10):
The first third of the H. Upmann Barbier sets the stage for an exciting journey. The initial sweet and creamy cedar notes create a captivating entrance. The cigar is smooth and mild, making it accessible to a wide range of palates.

Second Third (7.5/10):
As you delve deeper into the Barbier, the flavor profile evolves beautifully. The emergence of dark chocolate and coffee notes adds depth to the experience. The spiciness begins to intensify, i am not the biggest fan of cigar spice but even i coulndt put it down. it remains balanced, making for an intriguing progression.

Final Third (10/10):
The final third of the cigar is where it truly shines. The return of sweetness, along with earthy and leathery flavors, creates a harmonious blend. The complexity and richness peak here, making it a satisfying climax to a memorable smoke.

the H. Upmann Barbier is a work of art. Its construction, appearance, and flavor profile make it a standout choice for those seeking a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. While it may require some attention to maintain an even burn, the journey it takes you on is well worth the investment. This cigar is a testament to H. Upmann’s dedication to craftsmanship and flavor diversity.

Final Score (7.9/10)

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  1. Roy Perez says:

    I love the intro! Especially since I’m a barber and fairly new to the cigar world.
    I am happy that you go above and beyond to make a review for this cigar. Especially since I don’t know about cigars, I am able to pick and choose just from reading your article. This seems like a cigar I will definitely be interested in. Thank you for the article! Will be looking forward to buying and smoking the cigar in the future.


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