Black Label Trading Company “Morphine”: A Flavorful Dark Experience

A Dark and Intoxicating Experience: Black Label Trading Company Morphine Cigar Review
A limited-edition release that comes around only once per year, Black Label Trading Co. Morphine handmade premium cigars are often regarded as one of BLTC’s defining blends. Underneath not one, but two top-shelf wrapper leaves, one being a Mexican San Andres and the other an Ecuadorian Maduro lets see if its everything its cut out to be.

Appearance (10/10):
The Morphine’s appearance is striking, to say the least. Its deep, coal-black wrapper commands attention, and the Black band blends beautifully against the dark backdrop. The cigar’s box-pressed shape adds a modern touch to its overall appeal. It’s a cigar that you won’t forget easily once you’ve seen it.

Construction (9/10):
The Black Label Trading Company Morphine cigar displays solid construction with a slightly rustic charm. The dark, oily wrapper hints at the bold experience within. The seams are tight, and the cigar feels firm and well-made. The only minor issue is a slightly bumpy appearance, which doesn’t affect the overall smoking experience but might be noticeable to perfectionists.

Burning (10/10):
The Morphine cigar burns relatively evenly throughout the smoke. required touch-ups to keep the burn line straight, the burn rate remains consistent, allowing for a leisurely and enjoyable smoking experience.

Ash (8/10):
The ash produced by the Morphine cigar is solid and holds firm for a decent duration. It has a light-gray color and does not flake excessively. While it’s not the most impressive ash, it’s certainly respectable.

Smoke (9/10):
Upon lighting, the Morphine cigar produces a thick, velvety smoke that fills the air with rich, earthy aromas. The smoke is dense and has a satisfying mouthfeel, enhancing the overall sensory experience. It contributes to the cigar’s overall allure.

Flavor (9/10):
The flavor profile of the Black Label Trading Company Morphine cigar is where it truly shines. From the first puff, you’re greeted with a blast of dark chocolate, espresso, and black pepper. This blend of flavors is bold and intense, setting the stage for a robust experience. As you progress into the second third, notes of leather and charred wood come into play, deepening the complexity. In the final third, the pepper spice intensifies, while a subtle sweetness emerges, providing a fantastic balance to the bold flavors.

Value (6/10):
The Morphine cigar falls into the premium cigar category in terms of pricing. It offers a unique and intense smoking experience, which makes it a great value for aficionados who seek bold and complex flavors. While it may not be an everyday smoke for budget-conscious enthusiasts, it’s worth the occasional indulgence.

First Third (7/10):
The first third of the Morphine cigar is a powerful introduction to its flavor profile. The combination of dark chocolate, espresso, and black pepper creates a complex and bold experience. Though i am not a fan of pepper i powered through and its worth the wait It’s not for the faint of heart but will certainly satisfy those who enjoy intense flavors.

Second Third (8/10):
In the second third, the cigar continues to impress with the addition of leather and charred wood notes. The flavors remain rich and complex, making each draw a delightful journey into the depths of taste.

Final Third (9/10):
The final third of the Morphine cigar is a crescendo of boldness. The pepper spice intensifies once more, providing a fiery kick to the overall profile. Yet, the emergence of a subtle sweetness ensures a well-balanced finish, leaving a lasting impression.

the Black Label Trading Company Morphine cigar is a dark and intoxicating delight for those who appreciate powerful and complex flavor experiences. While its construction and burn might require occasional attention, the flavor journey it takes you on more than makes up for it. This cigar is a testament to Black Label Trading Company’s commitment to crafting bold and memorable smokes that leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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