Is it Out of this world?: Johnny Tobacco Naught

Johnny Tobacconaut came into the market in 2015 launching as a limited cigar with eye-catching visuals. just a humble spaceman roaming the galaxy and planting tobacco everywhere that he goes.

but the updated Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut is here to stay, being reimagined with an all-new recipe Differing somewhat dramatically from the original. is it worth it? let us find out.

Appearance (10/10):
This cigar is a show-stopper there’s no doubt about that. The Light Connecticut wrapper pops against the bold, black, and gold Astronaught, making it stand out in your humidor and in your hands. People who recognize it know and those who don’t ask. this cigar gets the looks.

Construction (5/10):
The Johnny Tobacco Naught build was a little shoddy although the wrapper is seamless cigar had various soft spots along the foot and closer to the band. while it doesn’t take away from the smoking experience I did notice that the wrapper leaf was thinner compared to others on the market

Burning (3/10):
burning was where The Johnny Tobacco Naught let me down most. Burns consistently for the most part & maintains a decent burn line However, this thing started tunneling almost instantly and it was hard to get it back on track.

Ash (7/10):
The ash produced by this cigar is firm and holds well. It typically has a light White color and did tend to flake quite a bit. While it may not maintain the longest ash it did hold on relatively well accounting for the tunneling that was happening

Smoke (8/10):
Upon ignition, the Johnny Tobacco Naught releases a rich and aromatic smoke. The smoke is light and carries a harmonious blend of earthy and woody notes. It adds to the overall sensory experience, making each puff more enjoyable.

Flavor (8/10):
The flavor profile of the Johnny Tobacco Naught is interesting notes of butter, graham cracker, and a bit of spice up front are a welcome surprise you really get to enjoy the sweet flavors of peanuts and toffee. it is safe to say this is more of a dessert cigar.

First Third (8/10):
The first third of this cigar really hooks you in. The sudden blast of butter and peanuts grabs your attention from the first draw. a few draws in and you start getting that spice note creeping in muting the sweetness a bit.

Second Third (7/10):
In the second third, the cigar continues to Ramp up you begin getting a bit more spice-forward notes and it introduces you to smoky notes of cedar oak and hay.

Final Third (7/10):
The final third of the Johnny Tobacco Naught wraps it all up in a nice bow for you. the spice notes die off and you finish with a strong cedar and wood finish.

Value (9/10):
The Johnny Tobacco Naught by Room 101 falls into the premium cigar category, but it offers excellent value for those who seek a unique and complex smoking experience. at $9 a stick at most retailers, it is a great value for what you receive

the Johnny Tobacco Naught by Room 101 is a unique cigar for those who crave bold and complex flavor experiences. While its construction and burn disappointed me, the rich and evolving flavor journey tried its best to compensate. if you can find it for less than $10 i would try it and see if it’s up your alley

Final Rating 7.2/10

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  1. callmeBBQlover says:

    Final third for me 5/10. I paid $12 expected something better, it’s right should be less than $10


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