Another finished whiskey: Distillery Series Release 12: Jack Daniel’s Oloroso Sherry Finish


Jack Daniel’s, a name synonymous with exceptional whiskey craftsmanship, has captivated the hearts of whiskey enthusiasts for generations. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, Jack Daniel’s has consistently pushed the boundaries of whiskey-making, showcasing its dedication to innovation and quality. One of the latest additions to their esteemed Distillery Series is Release 12, an exquisite expression featuring an Oloroso Sherry Finish.

The Distillery Series by Jack Daniel’s stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the envelope in the world of whiskey. This exclusive collection provides aficionados with the opportunity to savor distinctive expressions that offer a fresh perspective on the brand’s signature taste. Release 12, with its Oloroso Sherry Finish, exemplifies the creativity and expertise of Jack Daniel’s master distillers.

Release 12 is a limited edition offering that combines the classic craftsmanship of Jack Daniel’s with the influence of Oloroso Sherry casks. The Oloroso Sherry Finish takes the matured whiskey through a unique aging process, where it spends additional time in barrels that once held the rich and fragrant Spanish wine. This meticulous aging technique allows the whiskey to absorb the nuanced flavors and aromas of the Sherry, resulting in a complex and multifaceted profile.

Limited to a specific number of bottles Its unique profile, exquisite packaging, and limited availability will make it a coveted addition to any whiskey collection. Whether displayed proudly on a shelf or enjoyed on special occasions, this release encapsulates the essence of Jack Daniel’s ingenuity and dedication to the art of whiskey-making.

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