The top 10 cigars of 2023: honorable mentions (#15-#11)

As we bid farewell to another year in the world of cigars, it’s only fitting to reflect on the exceptional releases that have graced our humidors. From timeless classics to groundbreaking newcomers, 2023 has been a year filled with memorable smokes. Here at Barrel&Binder, we have curated a list of the Top 10 Cigars of the Year according to us, showcasing the epitome of craftsmanship and flavor. Although some of these sticks have not had their official Barrel&Binder review yet this list would not be the same without them

Before we get started I do want to give a shoutout to a few runner-ups. these sticks are amazing and deserve to be on a list as well but there can only be 10 and these sticks just missed the mark. with that being said I highly recommend all of these


Number 15 – Plasencia Alma Del Fuego

The Plasencia Alma Del Fuego was a well-received smoke The body is medium-full and the flavors aren’t shy, producing tons of earth, leather, and espresso with a spicy finish. for me, the bite was a bit too much for my flavor profile but I still enjoyed its evolution of flavor.

Number 14 – CAO Flathead 450

I am notorious in my circle for disliking CAO and their line. not for a lack of trying I have smoked countless 660(which give me heartburn) a few mortal coils(look out for that review next week) and everything in between but the 450 has taken the cake for the first CAO cigar that I actually kind of enjoy. it starts intense with a big hit of pepper up front but evolves into a chocolate experience that surprised even me i would say this is the definitive start if you want to try CAO

Number 13 – Alec Brandley Post Embargo

When I first smoked this stick I was surprised by just how smooth it was. With big hits of butter and toffee, it was pleasantly sweet and light something that I think almost everyone could enjoy not too complex

Number 12 – Alec Bradley Gatekeeper

This dark Cigar was special a serious chocolate bomb, dark toast, a touch of black cherry, and herbs before the bitter finish. it’s a good stick to introduce people to flavor notes since I picked up so many my only gripe with it is the draw seemed to be pretty tight across all the ones I smoked.

Number 11 – Drew Estates Nasty Fritas

Ever since I found out that the Nasty Fritas are constructed using leftovers from Liga Privada No 9 and T52 production, I’ve recommended it to people who want to try out that line it’s a great starting point. It had a very uneven burn at first but surprisingly evened itself out. Lots of smoke, and a little hotter than expected, but not uncomfortable. the flavor is there think of it as a mini #9

Thank you, guys, for reading, What do you guys think? are these sticks in your top 10 this year? comment down below and let me know your top 10! The official top 10 list will be posted later today so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “The top 10 cigars of 2023: honorable mentions (#15-#11)

  1. Jesse3r says:

    Surprised to see plancensias on this list. Would’ve thought it would of made it to your top 10 list. The alec Bradley post embargo isn’t my preference but I get why you put it on the honorable mentions.

    1. Chris says:

      i believe the to 10 have some incredible heavy hitters and the alma del fuego just missed the mark. still a fantastic stick!

  2. StatusQuo says:

    when will the full list be released? interested to see the difference between this and CA

    1. Chris says:

      tonight! putting the finishing touches now make sure to follow us on instagram for the updates!


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