Whistlepig Whiskey Founder Announces Their First Bourbon.

The premier House of Vintages BHAKTA Spirits, announces the release of its first vintage whiskey, a significant step in the portfolio’s boundary-pushing evolution into vintage spirits, a burgeoning market widely regarded by experts, collectors, and consumers as the future of craft spirits.

Raj Peter Bhakta, the founder of Whistlepig Whiskey, selected this historic single-year whiskey from his extensive global cellars to launch BHAKTA Spirits’ “Drink Vintage” campaign. As his first-ever bourbon, this one-of-a-kind vintage release represents the tycoon’s return to his infamous métier — whiskey — which propelled him to prominence as an iconic pioneer of the American craft spirits movement.

A 2013 vintage bourbon made with 99% Corn Named BHAKTA 2013 Bourbon (MSRP $149). The BHAKTA 2013 Bourbon is distinguished by a finish unlike any other bourbon on the market right now. It was given a secondary cask finish in French Oak barrels that had previously contained old Armagnac vintages, including the extremely rare BHAKTA Vintage Armagnac 1868.

A new chapter in the life of one of whiskey’s most iconoclastic pioneers begins with BHAKTA’s entry into the vintage whiskey market and its founder’s return to the genre following his successful retirement from WhistlePig in 2019.

Bhakta’s debut bourbon will be followed by additional vintage releases across all major categories, including whiskey, rum, tequila, and more, which will significantly expand the BHAKTA portfolio and complement its crown jewel, BHAKTA Armagnac (MSRP $199-$22,000) whose range of rare vintages and blends covers almost every region in the world. Bhakta is regarded as a “legendary figure in the liquor world”

Information about this release:
—The first-ever bourbon whiskey from Raj Peter Bhakta
—9 year 5 month old cask strength bourbon whiskey
—Finished in Armagnac casks
—Limited release of 2,000 cases

Tasting Notes
—Aspect: Deep, rich amber
—Nose: Vanilla, biscuits, butterscotch and toasted oak
—Palate: Very spicy with notes of nutmeg and hazelnut
—Finish: Stewed pears and apples with an intense lingering finish

Let me know in the comments, Are you guys exited for this release?

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